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Emmet produces a variety of downhole tools required for well operation .Some of the major tools are listed below:

  • Roll on connector/Tubing connector.
  • Double ended roll on connector
  • Internal dimple on connector.
  • Flapper check valve
  • Dimple on connector.
  • Double flapper check valve
  • Jetting nozzle/Bull nozzle
  • Straight Bar
  • Deployment bar
  • Fishing neck sub
  • Bleed of sub
  • Lifting sub
  • Pressure Test Sub
  • Non Rotating Stabilizer Sleeve and mandrel
  • Mill body
  • GS Pulling tool-grapple, housing, top sub & core
  • Coil Tubing Slip
  • Cable Anchor-main body, top sub & anchor
  • Stripper extension bush

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